Five cheap spots to eat at in the East Village

1. Two Bros Pizza ?: Being a poor college student, dollar pizza is a godsend. And what is better than dollar pizza? GOOD dollar pizza. Two Bros Pizza, on St. Marks and 1st Avenue, is a long narrow joint that is open late at night, has amazing pizza for a dollar a slice, and is a hit with me and my friends after a sweaty yoga session or a long day of classes. 

2. Bubble tea: a staple in New York City, something I never really heard about until I moved here, and a drink I am absolutely addicted to now. If you ever find yourself walking around Washington Square Park, you have to go to Kung Fu Tea. There’s a huge board of options – milk or fruit tea, sugar or sugar free, and more – and you can get sweet (literally) discounts when you join the Kung Fu app!

3. Dumpling Kingdom: If you are ever craving dumplings and don’t want to make the trek to Chinatown, Dumpling Kingdom is a must-go. It’s right near NYU and has a huge menu of pretty inexpensive options. My favorite is the scallion pancakes, veggie fried rice, and pork dumplings, but I try to get new things every time. It’s pretty small, but there are some seats which is definitely a plus.

4. Ray’s Candy Store: It’s actually pretty dangerous to live near this place. It serves fried everything – Oreos, Twinkies, you name it – as well as soft serve and regular ice cream, candy, and any late night munchies you could want. A mountain of fried Oreos is only five or six bucks, which is nothing for the amount you get, especially if you’re gonna share with a friend. 

5. Mamoun’s Falafel: New York City is certainly a pinnacle for Middle Eastern cuisine, as it has Halal food carts on practically every corner, and Mamoun’s on St. Marks definitely fits the bill. It’s cheap, quick, and absolutely delicious. Their falafel is some of the best I have had in the city, and it’s such an inexpensive and delicious way to get full.

Bonus: This may not be food, but Yoga to the People on St. Marks is a place you must go at least once if you love yoga and feeling like a part of a community. It’s a recommended ten dollar donation but you can give whatever you feel comfortable giving, and in return you get an hour of yoga with a trained teacher. I’ve gone alone and I’ve gone with friends and either way, I get a great sweat in and always feel incredibly relaxed afterwards.


Written by Laura Schlossman, NYU

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