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play footballworkoutgameeattravelshopwatch a movieplay pokerplay tennisplay basketballskydiveskigo for a concertgo bowlingplay squash
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To be a part of our DTD tech team or to apply for our marketing internship email us at

DTD Tech Team

Familiar with Swift and Java. Experience with a social app (Preferred)

Marketing Internship

The internship includes brainstorming meetings for our marketing campaigns, learning sessions on digital marketing, implementation of these sessions by managing our social media and organizing events.

A great opportunity to work with an upcoming startup in NYC and learn about marketing, social media and events. Also, an opportunity to meet new people and expand your network.

We look forward to having you onboard!

Meet Our Team

Sama Jashnani

CEO & Co-Founder


Anuja Shah

COO & Co-Founder

Randi Shimsky-Agosto

Marketing Manager

Shannon Yang

Marketing Manager

Marie Rocha


Ava Ben-David

Events Manager

Dino Jevric

Events Manager

Erin Copozzi

Marketing Intern

Meet Our Clients

Virtual Events

How DownToDash Can Help…

  • Meditation • sessions to deal with stress and anxiety and help with mindfulness
  • Yoga • to encourage wellness
  • Authentic Relating • to have open discussions
  • Roundtables • with Industry Experts to drive motivation
  • Team Building • activities to form stronger bonds
  • Games • to drive engagement
Career and Business
Health and Fitness
“This was such a well-run event, I had the honor of speaking on a panel, and loved the experience. The other panelists were great, the attendees were engaged, and the organizers were on top of everything. Would definitely attend/speak at another DownToDash event!”
Madelin Woods
“I attended a virtual game night during this COVID19 quarantine and found it to be more workable than I initially realized. A creative way to leverage technology and keep things going during this alternate reality we find ourselves living in. I am looking forward to attending future events. Great job Sama and the DownToDash team!”
John Othon
“I found a lot of calm and rejuvenation while participating in DownToDash’s Collective Calm workshop. It was so good to be together with other people around the world who were looking for some respite. In my notebook, I see the colorful mandala that I drew with Priyanka’s guidance. It makes me smile. I hope that DownToDash can continue to provide services like this for the community. They are needed now more than ever. Best of Luck.”
Abby Grosslein
“The speakers were great – they had a real experience of and success with entrepreneurship. I was also impressed with how the event staff genuinely cared about helping and motivating others.”
John Choo
“I attended Small Talk Sucks virtually, and it was so much fun! What a great way to connect in these COVID times!”
Nicollette Kalliagas Barsamian
“I’ve attended many DownToDash events over the years and have met so many amazing people in the process. Sama is a very talented founder that has built a technology that really can revolutionize how people meet, make friends, and find activity buddies. Highly recommend checking out their events!”
Nico Hodel

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