Some of the Most Beautiful Places to visit in Philly

  1. Philadelphia Zoo

Everybody loves the Zoo. This is located on 34th and Girard Avenue and is close to the Schuylkill River. You can visit the Zoo and watch animals like Tigers parade around the Zoo in overhead walks. There are also aquatic animals for your viewing pleasure.

2. Schuylkill River Trail

This a very beautiful river that runs in the Philadelphia county and two others. It is home to a lot of rowing and on the trails people are able to bike or run depending on their mood or choice activity. Boathouse Row also runs along the River. At nights, the houses light up in various colors to light up the water and make it look even more beautiful.

3. Rocky Steps / Philadelphia Museum of Art

The famous Rocky Steps are one of Philly’s most sought after location by tourists in the city. People try to run up the steps in record time and then back down. Behind the Rocky Steps is the Philadelphia Museum of Art, where art fanatics or anyone curious can go and see art from various artists and different time periods.

4. Ben Franklin Parkway

This a beautiful boulevard that runs around the cultural heart of Philadelphia. A lot of events take place here like the Budweiser Made in America Concert, and the Wawa Welcome to American 4th of July Concert. It is also the road that leads to the famous Rocky Steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Around this area is where you can also find all the flags of the countries recognized by the UN.

5. LOVE Park Philly  

This temporarily removed for renovation and is currently near City Hall. It is now temporarily replaced by the AMOR Sculpture located on 18th Street. People go here with their loved one or by themselves to take pics and share it for people to see. If you like the sciences, The Academy of Natural Sciences building is just across the street.

6. Dilworth Park or City Hall

Dilworth Park is fun on the weekends from Thursday to Sunday depending on the weather and the particular week(end) in the month.This is in the vicinity of Philadelphia City Hall and a lot of places to eat and shop, so there is always something to do, especially since it located in the heart of downtown Philly.  

7. Chinatown

Chinatown is a cool place in Philadelphia between 8th and 10th street in Philadelphia. Authentic Chinese and Asian cuisine can be found here and you can find the best Korean Fried Chicken at BonChon Chicken on Cherry Street. This is also the best place to find the hybrid of sushi and karaoke bars. Chinatown goes all night long.

8. South Street

South Street is filled with rich history and diversity. In some people’s opinion, it is where you can find anything and anyone. It may be described as the NYC of Philadelphia as it is a very diverse part of the city. This is home to Philly Magic Gardens, a gallery space in Philly filled with mosaic art mostly made from glass and glass bottle. It is very colorful and makes for a beautiful background in pictures.

Written by Tiffany Chis, Temple University



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